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December 16, 2016, 3:57 pm
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We want you to spend time with your families over Christmas but on the off chance that you may be a little bored and desperately want to do some maths here you go….

Log in to ‘MathsWatch’ using your log in pack and have a go at the allocated activity called ‘Recapping Fractions’.

Take some time to explore the new site as well.



We can’t wait to see your festive reading pictures, I know I am ridiculously excited about getting lost in a good book this Christmas. I think I may go for one by my favourite author Dan Brown.


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  1.    AA 12.30.16 @ 11:08 am      

    Ottoline goes to school is the best book.It is all about this girl and her friend Mr Munroe.They found out a little pony was steeling everybody’s things.However Ottoline got blamed for it. Will they find who it really is?

  2.    EH 12.30.16 @ 12:08 pm      


    Book title:Shock for the Secret Seven.
    Author:Enid Blyton.
    Main characters:Peter,Janet,George,Jack,
    Colin,Pam Barbara and Scamper, the dog.

    I chose to do a book review on this book because i found it very interesting and full of adventure. I would recommend it to anyone who like’s adventure books because there are always exciting parts in it to make you want to read more.
    About the book:Dogs are disappearing in the village where the Secret Seven live! But the seven are to busy quarelling to investigate! Then all of a sudden Scamper disappears…
    The tale in this book is about a dog thief. The Seceret Seven are attempting to find out who could possibly be stealing them. Out of a number of different people they work together, and then one day everything fits together, and the puzzle is finally solved!!!!
    I think it is perfect the way it is and I would not want to change a single bit of it.

  3.    D.R 01.03.17 @ 5:08 pm      

    The amazing book I read was the three brothers.I lost my mind in this incredible tale of bravery folowed by brilliantce.Wonderful and fearsome brothers are on a mission.If you read this tale you will discover the beautiful magic of India. Will their teamwork sucseed to save their day?In the hands of victory! I would reamed this book to a to a person that likes to read books filled with phnomanal missions in it.

  4.    MN 01.04.17 @ 9:12 pm      

    My book is all about mammals like gorillas, orangutangs even wild cats”A mammal is an animal that is warm-blooded, has lungs for breathing as well as that they have a bony frame called a skeleton.” In addition to all this, it teaches you about most animals.

  5.    Lewis 01.05.17 @ 5:51 pm      

    I like the author David Walliams and his
    book Ratburger. I like small animals and there’s 3 in this book but the sad thing is that 2 of them die. the ones that die are hamsters and the one that is still living is a rat called Armatige and both hamsters are called Gingernut. There’s a wicked step mother that is really fat and literally only eats prawn cocktail crisps. She is the one that kills the hamsters… the main character is a girl called Zoe and her mother died when she was little and her dad used to be employed at an ice cream factory but he lost his job and now only hangs around at the pub getting drunk whist her step mother gambles for prawn cocktail crisps and cigarettes to smoke. Zoe has bullying issues at school by a local girl called Tina Trots but she makes friends with her when their wall gets knocked down because Zoe tries to escape and breaks through the wall but her step mother caches her and pulls her but Tina catches her and pulls her and it breaks the wall and they have to share a room until the wall is rebuilt.
    I would recommend this book to 9 to 11 year old boys and girls. I like that it is a heart filled book that shows that bullies can turn nice. it has illustrations on some pages which I thought were good, there’s nothing that I did not like about it. I would rate it 5 out of 5

  6.    DR 01.05.17 @ 7:49 pm      

    Andie, Eden, Ryan, Tasha and Hasmita love being part of the Heart Club. They’ve promised to stay best friends forever and nothing can tear them apart.

    But sometimes things happen that you couldn’t ever have expected and forever might not be as long as you think.

    Now, two years later, Eden and Ryan are haunted by memories of the past. Can they find a way to bring the club back together or is it too late to mend a broken heart?

  7.    gg 01.07.17 @ 10:05 am      

    My book,’The Switch’ by Anthony Horowitz is about 2 boys who are rich and poor.They make a wish and their bodies switch. After the switch, they live each others lives, and then the mystery begins! The story was full of action and made me want to read more.

  8.    BQ 01.08.17 @ 8:45 pm      

    My book was James and the giant peach. I t is about a young boy whose parents were killed by a rhino therefore he was sent to live with his evil aunts who treated him like a slave.
    One day he meets a man who gives him some magical crocodile tongues which should bring him happiness, unfortunately James stumbles and drops the tongues by a peach tree that never grows. The next day, James found a peach growing on the tree which was magical because it never stopped growing, so the evil aunts decided to make money by charging people to come and see it. One night, James was sent out to collect the rubbish where he discovered a tunnel which led inside the peach. Inside he came across life sized bugs naming as a grasshopper, ladybird, silk worm, spider, worm, glow worm and centipede. Once James was inside, the centipede bit the stalk of the peach which then sent it rolling down the hill where it crushed his evil aunts, continuing through villages where it fell off the cliff into the sea. This was the beginning of a great adventure.

    I really enjoyed this story and would recommend it to anyone who likes adventures 🙂

  9.    E.J 01.10.17 @ 4:46 pm      

    Ottoline and the Yellow Cat
    By Chris Riddell
    Ottoline is a little girl who’s her parents travel around the world. She lives with her pet Mr Munro who looks after her. Ottoline loves the water, on the Other hand Mr Munro cannot stand it. They are best friends and together they investigate why all the lap-dogs go missing. They find the culprit is the ‘yellow cat’.
    I love the pictures and I like how it all comes together like a complete jigsaw.
    I don’t like how it ended too soon. I love this book and rate it as five stars.?

  10.    I H 01.10.17 @ 8:56 pm      

    My book is really interesting it’s all about a two best friends going on a scary but magical adventure. It is called the school for good and evil

  11.    Kfm 01.10.17 @ 8:56 pm      

    My book is called ‘The Bed and Breakfast Star’, by Jaqueline Wilson. It is about this girl called Elsa, who starts off in a normal house. She lives with her mum and step dad and half brother Hank and sister Pippa. The story is about her and her family who keep moving house after they’ve hardly stayed in one. It is a bit of a diary but the main thing is Elsa and her family end up in a bed and breakfast hotel and she ends up living her life happily. I think it is a really good book, and i like reading books by Jacqueline Wilson. I reccommend that people read it

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