Year 5

Hamlet Broadcast!
November 10, 2016, 7:51 am
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We are all very excited….the day is finally here!

After a week of drama to explore the play, with fantastic responses from you all, let us see how this looks on stage….

During the broadcast, post your thoughts and questions on here for an online discussion.

Keeeeeeeeeeeep acting!


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  1.    EJ 11.10.16 @ 9:46 am      

    what does alas poor ghost mean?

    •    Miss Spaven 11.10.16 @ 9:55 am      

      What do you think? I think he is greeting the dead king?

      •    Cs 11.13.16 @ 5:39 pm      

        Yeh me to??????By Charlotte

  2.    EN 11.10.16 @ 9:55 am      

    why is polonius sooo angry at Hamlet? and why did claudius kill old Hamlet?

    •    Miss Spaven 11.10.16 @ 9:57 am      

      why do you think Claudius would want to kill the old king and take up his place?

  3.    kfm 11.10.16 @ 9:57 am      

    I found Hamlet interesting because Shakespear uses some very different languege to we do and when the actors act they express how they feel and it gets you to wan’t to know more about the story and that’s why I like it.

    •    Miss Spaven 11.10.16 @ 9:58 am      

      have you got any questions so far?

  4.    hm 11.10.16 @ 10:00 am      

    so far we have only watched a little bit of the broadcast but I personally think that it is very interesting and emotional. Hamlet had been at university and has just graduated; but when he comes back from university he finds out that his father has been killed! People say that he was sleeping in the orchard and a snake stung him. Now a ghost has appeared and his friends (Haratio, Marcellus and Bernado) have seen a ghost in the figre of what looks like Hamlets father ,the old king,and tells Hamlet. Hamlet sees him and speaks to him. I cant wait to watch the next part i would really request it.:)

    •    Miss Spaven 11.10.16 @ 10:28 am      

      so brilliant to see you engage with such a tricky plot and text! you’ve shown great understanding

  5.    C.O 11.10.16 @ 10:01 am      

    HAMLET ;
    SO far Hamlet has been very good .
    Hamlet comes home from his gradution to find his father has passed away and his mother had married his uncle . At this part Hamlet is very emotional …

  6.    eh 11.10.16 @ 10:15 am      

    My opinion on it so far is good; I think it is going to be a great production. We have only just started watching it and are coming to our first break. I can’t wait to watch the next bit !!

  7.    jd 11.10.16 @ 10:22 am      

    why does hamlet go mad?
    Why is the story a tragedy?

    •    Miss Spaven 11.10.16 @ 10:27 am      

      what makes the story a tragedy at the end?

  8.    WF 11.10.16 @ 10:23 am      

    Im really liking Hamlet so far however, it is very very hard to understand shakespear language,

    Why did Claudius Kill old Hamlet?
    What does and the everlasting had not fixed his cannon gainst self slauter?

    So there are a few things I don’t understand but other than that i’m really enjohing Hamlet

    •    Miss Spaven 11.10.16 @ 10:26 am      

      Do you feel you understand the general plot and themes though?

  9.    MN 11.10.16 @ 10:34 am      

    Hamlet is acting very strange around the castle.He is wearing unsuitable clothes for royal life,seeking very strange too other people in the castle shouting like mad.

  10.    EJ 11.10.16 @ 10:34 am      

    do you use green screen and how long does it taik to learn shakespeare ?

  11.    DR 11.10.16 @ 10:36 am      

    Personally I think that Hamlet is angry because his mother has got married and it hasn’t even been a month moreover she married old Hamlets brother[Claudius.] What was Gertueg thinking???

  12.    Miss Spaven 11.10.16 @ 10:41 am      

    I definitely like the african theme because I think it puts a really good twist on it with all the african drumming and i think Hamlet is very cleaver with the idea of putting on a play to try and prove Claudius guilty. Normally the first part of a play is more interesting but because Hamlet is acting weirdly it is really funny!:)

    •    Miss Spaven 11.10.16 @ 10:42 am      

      this was Hollie’s comment!

  13.    CO 11.10.16 @ 10:44 am      

    So far I am enjoying Hamlet very much
    I love all the different emotions
    I think that all the parts like the funny parts are putting a good twist on the Shakespeare one … These actors are amazing at making this funny also emotional at the same time . I also love how they change there speak in the different parts like it would be really high when Hamlet was upset . But when it was a normal part his voice changed i think thats a good quality to have . He has his parts were he he is completely in rage and completely in sadness .

    •    gg 11.10.16 @ 11:52 am      

      to be are not to be that is the cweson

  14.    GG 11.10.16 @ 10:50 am      

    to be ore not to be that is the cweson

  15.    eh&hm 11.10.16 @ 11:24 am      

    is Hamlet in every scene of the play?
    how many lines does Hamlet have in the whole play?
    was it really hard to learn shakespere acting and speech?
    do you get used to shakespere style?
    Did Polonius ever have a wife?If he did where is she and why isn’t she in the play?

  16.    C.O 11.10.16 @ 11:29 am      

    part 2
    Hamlet went absolutely Crazy and told Ophelia to go to a Nunnery . After that he attacked Ophelia he jumped on her and was screaming . I was pretty shocked when he jumped on her because I didn’t think he was actually going to go that over board . Why has Hamlet gone this crazy ? is he just putting it on or is he actually mad in the head ? Why would he attack his lover ? he really must be crazy . Actually I think that part was quite entertaining … I cant wait to watch to the end this looks so far like a amazing broad cast and i’m really getting in to it and enjoying the acting I’ts definitely a tragedy … So my review so far is absolutely amazing.

  17.    eh&hm 11.10.16 @ 11:40 am      

    part.3 is very interesting and everyone is starting to get mischievous and plotting plans to kill each other. Hamlets two friends Rosencrantz and Guildenstein are plotting with Claudius to kill hamlet but hamlet doesn’t know.Also I like that they have lots of poems and act as if it is really happening and putting themselves into their characters shoes!!!!

  18.    DR 11.10.16 @ 11:49 am      

    I feel that Hamlet has had lots of sadness when he comes back from universality but he shouldn’t of said for Ophelia to go to a nunnery.If you asked me Hamlet was acting very violent. Hamlet dose a play of Old Hamlets death and orders his step farther to come and his mother to come. Claudius acts guilty and runs out.Then Hamlet tries to kill his uncle when he is praying.Then tries to convince his mother when he see’s someone behind he curtain and thinks it’s his step father and kills him and opens it and it’s Polonius.

  19.    eh&hm 11.10.16 @ 11:57 am      

    how can hamlet see his fathers ghost and gertrude can’t?
    Why was polonious behind the curtain?
    how many scenes does hamlet have on his own and are they all when he’s sad?
    Why do rosencrantz and guildenstein have weird names, who is the girl and who is the boy?

  20.    L.C 11.10.16 @ 12:02 pm      

    why could Hamlet want to go to England????

  21.    mv 11.10.16 @ 12:04 pm      

    what happens to rosencranz and guildenstine?

    Part 3:

    Hamlet is saying to Horatio about the play about
    the death off the old king Hamlet to see how Claudius reacts to the play.Then Claudius pushes the Pearson that is playing the Pearson that poisiond the old king,then Claudius runs of suddenly Gertrude and the rest off the court run after him.Hamlets friends tell him that his mother wants to speak to him.Meanwhile Claudius tells Hamlets friends to go to England and kill him.After Claudius feels guilty for what he did to Hamlets Father,while Claudius is praying Hamlet tries to kill his uncle but doesn’t. Hamlet seeks to his to his mother but he thinks that Claudius is hiding behind the curtain but it is actually Polonius,Gertrude sees’ her old husband. Hamlet tells her that he has to go to England with his friends. Claudius.

    •    Cs 11.13.16 @ 5:37 pm      

      I loved it ????????????????????

  22.    Em 11.10.16 @ 7:41 pm      

    Why does Claudius want be king?Of course he`s not going to get all the honor Old hamlet does appear…Spooky.

  23.    gg 11.11.16 @ 4:24 pm      

    to be or not to be

  24.    gg 11.11.16 @ 4:28 pm      

    I love the show hamlet

  25.    gg 11.11.16 @ 4:29 pm      

    it was the best I wont to watch it a gen

  26.    gg 11.11.16 @ 4:29 pm      

    I wont to watch it a gen

  27.    Cs 11.13.16 @ 5:35 pm      

    I really enjoyed hamlet and the maths thank you miss chambers?☺️?

  28.    EJ 11.13.16 @ 5:44 pm      

    I really liked the production because it was very engaging and interesting. I really enjoyed talking to my mum about the plot and how all the main characters were killed except for Hamlet’s best friend Haratio. I thought that the RSC’s decision to set their version in Africa really suited the play. I would be interested in watching this company do Shakespeare again as it helped me to understand the plot in an enjoyable way.

  29.    AA 11.15.16 @ 8:28 am      

    I think Hamlet was amazing. Very funny and dramtic if any 1 out ther wants to wach Hamlet I would garrnty it.

  30.    I H 01.10.17 @ 9:00 pm      

    Hamlet was awesome I love the way they acted it out ??

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