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Flipped Learning – Year 5 Parent Homework
November 2, 2016, 2:08 pm
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This week in Year 5 we have been learning mental and written methods of subtraction.

Can you learn one of our written methods called decomposition?

In this video you will see they call it the compact written method, however we call it decomposition. You also may be familiar with the term ‘borrowing’ when taking from a different column, however again it is important we refer to this as ‘exchange’.


Once you have practised, see if you can complete a few calculations below.

In class we use activities or questions set as Green, Amber and Red for the children to select their own challenge level.┬áThe blue bag is your child’s Flipped Learning bag. It will be a good place to store ear phones and we will send home resources that will support the video when needed.





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  1.    E.t 11.02.16 @ 7:03 pm      

    Me and my mum were doing the amber level and I will also do it with my father. We think both

    of them are wrong and were solved by my mum
    13 11. 2.16 )
    1 14 ). 6475 )
    and me. 2451 ) 2598
    562. —–
    —– 3877

  2.    TMF 11.06.16 @ 12:54 pm      

    AJF and myself have made some number cards and are just about to have a go at green and amber, then maybe red!!!!!!

  3.    MWK 11.07.16 @ 6:03 pm      

    we have had a go at amber & found that the answers were wrong, possibly from using incorrect method to solve the problem. my daughter and I did the sums separately and got similar answer but, I (mum) made a silly mistake when subtracting and therfore got one wrong. we have also tried the red challange and found that we needed to take our time but it was okay.

  4.    HM 11.07.16 @ 6:35 pm      

    We watched the video together and then H showed me how to work out the missing numbers decomposition sums. Well done!

  5.    MN 11.07.16 @ 6:45 pm      

    My dad and I,after watching the video,did the red challenge.We enjoyed this work and worked as a team to work it out.

  6.    C.O 11.07.16 @ 7:47 pm      

    Mums view: I like the fact that the video explains it clearly for the child to understand. We tackled the red questions as better to challenge yourself and I found it quite straightforward.
    Child view . Teaching my mum was very easy because she already knew the method . We paused the video and tried out ourselves we found out much more about decomposition. Itwas a good parent homework …

  7.    AA 11.07.16 @ 8:07 pm      

    Mum and me did green, amber and red. We found red very hard to begin with as my Mum was used to just using a calculator to work it out. It was a real challenge and made my Mum’s head hurt but we worked it out together and will do some more. The video was helpful and maybe they could do a video on the way to solve the red problems instead of green.

  8.    Natasha France 11.08.16 @ 9:22 pm      

    mums view: I found the video very good and interesting- i think it is a very useful resource to support my daughters learning especially when i unfortunately dont have lots of time in the evenings- or may not necessarily understand the question at hand it will be useful for her to have a demonstratable explanation to support her
    Child’s view: I found the video very good because it told me more about the column addition method and also because it was very useful and helpful!

  9.    DP 11.15.16 @ 6:27 pm      

    I have always shown D this method as on video ,but he used to say no mum this is not the whey(like on school ) ,so weldon to me . so we didn’t have any problem solving the questions on top

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